Buying a Chromebook

Parent asked: What is the Whakaaro Hou Education Trust?

Whakaaro Hou Education Trust has been established in the Kapiti district to improve student achievement through the provision of digital devices. The Trust aims to give children and their families in the Kapiti the opportunity to access appropriate learning tools, computers and programs so that the children and families can benefit from these both at home and at school.

Whakaaro Hou Education Trust has been able to source computer devices at an exceptionally competitive price and has bundled the price with insurance and warranties through Noel Leemings. Whakaaro Hou Education Trust will be offering a pricing package that includes a three year warranty, insurance and a hard sleeve bag, well below retail pricing. Families will be offered an opportunity to purchase a device outright or spread payments over finance options of 2 years or 3 years with weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. Finance options will include a nominal interest rate. 

Parent asked: Do I have to buy through the Trust?

No. Parents are free to buy through other places e.g. Warehouse Stationery.  
Wherever you buy from just make sure to ask about warranty and insurance.

If I go through the Trust who owns the device?
If you want to buy it outright through the Trust, you own the device and the Trust is insuring it for you. If you are buying it on a 2 or 3 year payment system, the Trust retains ownership until the device is paid off.

What is the Trust offering?

  • A full package of device, warranty, insurance at best value for parents
  • Options of buy outright, or 2 or 3 year terms
  • A single point of collection and return at Noel Leemings in Coastlands, with loaner devices available if a device breaks or is damaged
  • Buying through the Trust is a simple process.  Fill out the Expression of Interest form and email it back to Leigh at  Alternatively, you can just ring Leigh on 022-6902115.  On the contact page, there is an online email that you can use to enquire.

    Once you complete the Expression of Interest, Leigh will contact you and arrange to meet.  This is the point at which you need to confirm whether you are buying outright or choosing a lease-to-buy option.

What are the pricing options?

The most up to date pricing options can be found on the Trust website

There are payment options to Lease over 2 or 3 years or to buy a device outright.

What does the insurance cover?

Warranty covers faults for 3 yearsInsurance covers all accidental breakage, for 3 years, with an excess of $50.

What happens if we shift and no longer want to continue our lease?

You can choose to take the device and continue with the AP.You can pay the remaining cost less credit rebate to take immediate full ownership.You can hand the device back to the Trust and cease payment.

How does the school intend to support families who cannot afford BYOC?

Finance is something we are cognisant of, which is why we are happy to have conversations with any family in difficult circumstances. As a Decile 8 school we know that there will be a small number of families who may approach us. The lease contracts offered by Noel Leemings and the Trust should make this initiative affordable to most, but we will have some devices available at school to ensure equity.